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PPC ad-campaigns

With our PPC Ad-campaigns, we can assure you up to 6-times more of your monthly investment for paid ad promotions as long as you remain invested for up to 12 months. Not many small businesses are aware that you needpaid-ad campaigns are for short term gains. While it is a good idea to go down the route of organic growth, it does take time. In our experience a balance of both tactical and long term strategies works brilliantly. Paid-ad campaigns gives you the results in terms of increase in sales revenue. And at Atula, we can manage it to perfection through the correct combinations of channels to promote your small business.   

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Google is one of the most sophisticated and mature algorithms in the market to promote paid ad campaigns (search, display, smart) etc. You can count on our expertise to set-up, run and optimise it to perfection. We will ensure your spend generates maximum impressions and conversions (sales) with the steady Click- Through-Rate. We will enable your small business to generate sustainable revenue by making your google campaigns your best salesman.



After Google, Facebook is the next sophisticated and mature platform to promote your small business. We will set-up and run you Facebook for business account with frequent posts depending on your needs and paid ad campaigns too.



Over the years, LinkedIn has improved its offerings and algorithm to promote and market your small business. This is a perfect channel to target your campaigns at working executives in the industry and geographies you operate. At Atula, we can set-up, run and manage your LinkedIn campaigns effectively.



Instagram is owned by Facebook and is a great platform to reach out to a young audience. Atula can tailor your digital marketing, communication and advertising strategies to use instagram if your target customer profile aligns the younger generation. We can run campaigns that will generate the desired outcomes

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