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What are Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps, short for mobile applications, are software applications designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These apps are developed specifically for business using the mobile platform, leveraging the device’s hardware and operating system capabilities to provide a wide range of functionalities and services.
mobile app development services
Some examples of bespoke Mobile apps for Business:

Field Service Management App: A company providing field services, such as HVAC maintenance, bathroom fittings, electrical, gardening or plumbing repairs, might develop a bespoke app to streamline operations. This app could include features for assigning and scheduling jobs, assigning work orders to staff, managing inventory, capturing customer signatures, and generating invoices.

Car Rentals: A car rental provider may have a website for consumers to rent a vehicle in a particular area or few areas. However, having a bespoke, branded mobile app with the same functionality may appeal to a significant number of consumers on the move, using their smart devices. This opens up a whole new channel for sales and geowth.

Education and Training App: An educational institution or corporate training program might commission a bespoke mobile app to deliver customized learning content to students or employees. This app could include features like course materials, quizzes and assessments, progress tracking, discussion forums, and virtual classrooms.

These are just a few examples, but bespoke mobile apps can be developed for virtually any industry or business need, tailored to the specific requirements and objectives of the organization.

How can we help you with Mobile App Development Services?

We have a structured and transparent way of working that gives you full visibility of progress and allows for collaborative development all along the way.

Understand Project Requirements

We understand your mobile app development project requirements through to ensure your business needs and plans for the future, your objectives and constraints are accurately identified and documented

Prepare work breakdown structure (WBS)

We prepare a work breakdown structure (WBS), chunking down your project into smaller, manageable tasks or functionality, facilitating better planning, effort and timelines to complete.

UI/ UX Design (Design wireframes)

We build UI/UX design wireframes before writing a single line of code for a visual blueprint that is fully approved by you to avoid surprises.

Define Solution Blueprint

A solution blueprint includes the architecture, technology stack, functionality, integration points, and development approach required to address business needs and goals of your project.

Development, Testing & Go Live

Mobile app development, Testing, and Go Live encompass the iterative process of building, validating and deploying the software solution, ensuring its functionality, performance and reliability meet the requirements before launching it into production i.e. “Go-live”.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Ongoing maintenance and support involve continuously monitoring, updating, and enhancing the application built to address any anomaly/ies, implement new features, and ensure optimal performance and longevity throughout its lifecycle.

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