What is a dedicated VPC? Why is it better than hosting your bespoke software on a shared server? 

What is a dedicated VPC? Why is it better than hosting your bespoke software on a shared server? 

A Dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) refers to an isolated and private cloud computing environment within a cloud service provider’s infrastructure, where the resources are exclusively dedicated to a single business/ enterprise. In contrast, a shared server involves multiple users sharing the same physical server and its resources. 

Dedicated VPC:

  • Isolation:
    Single-Tenant Environment:
    In a dedicated VPC, the organization has exclusive use of the computing resources within that virtual network. It is a single-tenant environment, providing strong isolation from other organizations.
  • Security:
    Enhanced Security: Dedicated VPCs offer enhanced security, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data leakage associated with shared environments.
  • Customisation:
    Tailored Configuration:
    Organizations have more flexibility to customize the VPC configuration to align with specific security, networking, and compliance requirements.
  • Performance:
    Predictable Performance: Since resources are not shared with other users, organizations can have more predictable and consistent performance for their applications.
  • Compliance:
    Meeting Compliance Requirements: Dedicated VPCs are often preferred for industries with stringent compliance requirements (e.g., healthcare, finance) where data isolation and control are critical.

Shared Server Hosting:

  • Cost Savings:
    Lower Costs: Shared server hosting is often more cost-effective, making it suitable for smaller organizations or projects with budget constraints.
  • Ease of Management:
    Managed Environment:
    Shared hosting is generally easier to set up and manage, as many administrative tasks are handled by the hosting provider.
  • Scalability:
    Limited Scalability: While shared hosting is easy to start with, it may have limitations in terms of scalability and may not be suitable for resource-intensive applications.
  • Resource Sharing:
    Resource Contention: In a shared environment, resource contention can occur when multiple users compete for the same resources, potential

Why a Dedicated VPC is Preferred for Bespoke Software:

  • Security and Compliance:
    For custom software development where security and compliance are paramount, a dedicated VPC provides better control, isolation, and the ability to meet specific compliance requirements.
  • Customization and Control:
    Bespoke software often has unique requirements. A dedicated VPC allows organizations to tailor the environment precisely to meet the software’s specific needs.
  • Performance Requirements:
    If the bespoke software requires consistent and high-performance resources, a dedicated VPC ensures that the organization has exclusive access to those resources.
  • Data Sensitivity:
    For applications dealing with sensitive data, a dedicated VPC offers a higher level of data isolation and reduces the risk associated with sharing resources.
  • Scalability and Growth:
    As bespoke software evolves and scales, a dedicated VPC provides the scalability needed to accommodate increased demand without resource contention.
While dedicated VPCs offer advantages for bespoke software, the choice between dedicated and shared hosting depends on the specific needs, budget constraints, and performance requirements of the organization or project. At Atula we carefully determine the hosting needs for our clients so that the development, test and live environments are all set-up with the right VPC provider with minimal latency. Write to us at enquiries@atulatech.com to know more… with specific queries.
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