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Reliable Web Development

Reliable Web Development

Our Reliable Web Development services include building device-responsive static websites,  e-commerce sites, web and mobile applications at an unbeatable price and quality. We use the latest and the best content management systems and technology to ensure maintainability. As mobile penetration in many of the developed countries has come close to 90%, it is imperative to have a ‘Mobile-First Strategy’ to align with Google’s algorithms. It also means that it is not good enough for you to just have a web presence -accessible through only through desktop devices. Mobile and tablet-friendly responsive websites and Mobile Apps are the way forward for businesses to be having a global impact.

Atula can help you build a thriving business through our expertise to build any application ranging from a basic responsive website to a Minimum Viable Product.

Reliable Web Development For Small Businesses

Responsive websites

When you are just starting off as a new small business the minimum you need is a website to establish basic credibility. In order to then let your target customers increase awareness about you , consider including our SEO, Digital and paid campaigns beyond the website launch. This will increase your site traffic and generate the right leads that will give you guaranteed conversions .


We can enable your small business to establish a sustainable and profitable online e-commerce channel. We have the in-house expertise in using proven CMS tools like WordPress, platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify and technologies like React, Angular, Node JS, CSS, HTMS and MySQL. We deliver the best user-experience driven e-commerce solution for your customers while buying your products and services online.

Bespoke Development

Whatever your business, Atula can rapidly develop bespoke browser and device-friendly applications from concept-to -cash. For added peace of mind, we offer an affordable maintenance and support for your application on the cloud until end of life. If you would prefer having a subscription model and pay on a monthly basis, we can work on that too.

Minimum Viable Product

An MVP is when you want to solve a problem and learn about the customer response through minimal investment of time and money. Likewise, the product would have basic features that would be sufficient to test the market acceptance and learn from experience on what more can be achieved. The exercise completes with a full-blown development at scale once the needs of the customer are fully understood. We take extra care in ensuring your resources of time and money are optimally spent to give you the best value for money and RoI.learn

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