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Take a look at our services for small businesses.With Atula, count on us as your Creative, Design and Digital agency. We’ve also got you covered on your Mobile and Web applications Solutions, Services and Support needs.

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Creative Content & Communication

Our content development services focus on delivering value-added content to our web presence. Be it blogs, product write-ups, or web page content, we develop content tailored to your small business products and services. As part of content development services, we start with a broad set of themes and topics and narrow it down to monthly units that can be published on your web site.

Impactful UI-UX design

At Atula™ Technologies, we recognise that everything has to be in the right proportion and balance, in helping your end-customers instantly appreciate what your small business is all about. We use design-thinking/experience-design principles to give you pixel-perfect designs. We have everything in our kitty from illustrations, brand guides and logos, vector images, gif animations, backgrounds, lower thirds, e-brochures, banner images and daily posts for social media. We leave no stone unturned to make an impactful statement on the web. In addition, we also design aesthetically brilliant static and e-commerce website design mock-ups and prototypes for your new ideas on the web and mobile app platforms.  Our small business customers enjoy the “no-surprises approach” with the design collaboration tools like Adobe XD to share the evolution of design concepts from inception to fruition.

Web Development

Your website is your best salesman! And especially as a business, you need inquiries pouring in. Our team of designers, UI-UX experts, developers and testers can help you create the perfect website site optimised for traffic and focused on conversions. Apart from developing static and e-commerce websites, Atula have the expertise to rapidly develop custom web and mobile applications across any industry using an AGILE methodology.

SEO And Digital Marketing

One of our core strengths is to elevate your web-based presence from being a mere brochure to a digitally nimble small business over time. Your website is your focal point and all other channels need to be consistent to your website to drive traffic. Social media presence is imperative for a growing brand. We create meaningful engagements with your target audience across the right demographics, geolocations, time of the day and other criteria to pull traffic to your website. Our social media practice leverages the best minds to bring about vibrant conversations. We enable engagement of your small business brand on all social platforms.

Industry Solutions

At Atula™ Technologies, we recognise the unique needs of industries, including those that have been impacted by the pandemic, especially in recent times.  We thrive in using creativity and innovation to develop new solutions that will benefit industries – especially in these times. We have developed our own IP – innovative products for the hospitality, healthcare (care-homes), logistics and inventory web applications that are readily available. Apart from using design tools like Adobe XD, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, we also use the latest evergreen technologies like Angular, React, Node, JavaScript, PHP and SQL ) to develop our products. We can host your app/ product on any cloud at scale (AWS/Google/Azure) either on a subscription model or a perpetual license (on-premise) licensing model.

PPC and Campaigns

While we recommend a combination of SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) for long-term search dominance, ad campaigns focused on specific call-to-action are a great option for small businesses to get quick results. Our PPC team manages and monitors your ad account to ensure that small businesses like you are making the  most of your budget and stretching your spend for as long as possible. We manage everything from bids, ad copy, to creative –  we’ve got you covered! 

Google Search and Analytics

Using tools and advanced analytics, we deep-dive into the world of keywords and give you a monthly optimisation plan. The plan includes a comprehensive site audit followed by keywords, content themes, and ideas that are apt for your small business to stand out. As part of the SEO deliverables, we analyse traffic and crawl parameters using Google Search Console ( and other tools) to ensure that you are getting enough link juice on your pages!  We also optimise your content for every page across your website to ensure that you have the right meta descriptions, permalinks, H1, H2 headers and the right density of the chosen keywords that improve ranking. And with our sustained effort in off-page SEO strategies like Google My Business, Quora and Reddit – you can be assured of being in the top 10 brands in your category over time. Our analytics expertise helps you with insights about your customer demographics, search phrases and other vital data points for exponential increase in traffic for greater rate of conversions.

Technical Maintenance and Support

We do everything that’s required to keep your small business website working like a well-oiled machine. When your website or e-commerce platform is developed, several important matters contribute to making it responsive such as, keeping the image sizes minimal, minification of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML and JavaScripts, canonicals, lazy loading, CDN and other strategies. We  provide ongoing maintenance and support to make sure that your website loads fast and is optimised. Further, we also provide all technical support to take back-ups of your website, resolve any 404 errors, broken links and indexing issues to ensure that only relevant pages of your website are crawled by google. Last but not the least, bespoke web and mobile applications developed by Atula are maintained and supported too – give you total peace of mind.

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