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Must Have Skills for a Digital Marketing Expert

Must Have Skills for a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing seems to a buzz word that appears to pop up in any article one reads. Apparently everyone is contributing in some way to a Digital Marketing effort. This begs the question – is this an activity that can be performed by anyone? While no super powers are required to be a Digital Marketeer, there are some basic skills that one needs be to really good at in order to be successful at the job. Web design, SEO, social media marketing, content writing are just a few to name.

1. Data Analysis

As the name suggests, the basic skill required here a keen eye for detail in order to separate the facts from fiction. These days there are several tools available to collect and collect and process data from across a wide range online presence and interactions. Footprints from various platforms are analysed to see what content is getting consumed by who and how frequently.

Needless to say, data so accumulated needs to be ‘cleaned’. This is where the real analysis comes into action. This basically means removing inaccurate, duplicated or incomplete data from the database that has been compiled. This is an activity that needs activity needs to be done constantly in order maintain its validity.

2. Content Creation

The whole purpose of any digital marketing assignment is to grab the attention of the appropriate audience. Content has to be relevant, engaging and ever green, making this task quite a challenge. As if that was not enough all content has to be SEO compliant as well!

It would be a good investment to engage a set of experts across areas to provide regular, fresh content rather than relying on individuals to create content over various topics. Content has to be curated according to the media where it will reside to be most effective.

3. SEO and SEM

The one thing that is changing quicker than anything else in todays virtual world is Google’s algorithm. Consequently, the importance of constantly validating the relevance of keywords is paramount. This then implies that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged as a critical skill that every member of your digital marketing team must possess! It is with this skill that one can aim to organically appear in search results.

Knowledge and expertise at SEO can be taken to the next level if it can be combined with Search Engine Marketing (SEM). While the scope and definition of SEM is still evolving, it essentially refers to the approach of paying to appear in search results. Both SEO and SEM are key to pushing your content to the target audience.

4. CRM

The needs of your target audience are constantly changing so monitoring and understanding this allows you to provide better customer experience. Considering that most business is transacted online these days it becomes imperative for every member of you Digital Marketing Team to develop Customer Relationship Management skills. Especially in a fiercely competitive environment where customer loyalty is an incredibly difficult asset to achieve!

5. Communication Skills

While all the skills mentioned above are important, the one that underpins them is good communication. Every piece of communication needs to be relevant, impactful and targeted. Another key ingredient to effective communication is consistency, which is vital to build trust and and a relationship with the target audience.

The ability to visualise any topic from different perspectives and have a goos sense of humour is an added skill that any Digital Marketing person should possess.

6. Fundamental Design Skills

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words! These days, with everyone vying for audience time and content refresh rates are phenomenally high, one has literally a few seconds in which to communicate a message. Video content are also becoming very popular as these rank higher in google searches, increase conversion rates and of course have better engagement.

There are several tools such as Canva or the Adobe Creative Suite that allow a Digital Marketing to make attractive illustrations of messages. Developing skills to use these would be a mandatory skill.

To conclude it would be fair to say that what seems like an apparently easy job is anything but that! Not only is a wide range of skills and expertise required in order to be successful at Digital marketing, it is also a full time job that needs constant attention and a consistent approach. Sound advice would be to give the job of digital marketing to the experts so you can focus on the core aspects of your business!

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