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Digital and Social Media Services for Small Businesses

Our Digital and Social Media services for small businesses are carefully designed to help you succeed. These include but not limited to:

1. On and off-page SEO, 

2. Social Media Set-up and Management, 

3. Paid  Ad-campaigns, 

4. Analytics and 

5. Google My Business. 



Your small business website, once launched, requires a consistent digital effort on several aspects, all aimed at driving traffic to your website. We usually start with on-page SEO for organic growth of your website ranking in search engines over time. This amounts to using the right keywords and optimising the content for these keywords and back-links used within your website. 



At Atula, we also implement a considered set of off-page SEO strategies like Google-My-Business, Reddit and Quora.  Further, we manage your Social Media initiatives with building the right audience through awareness, engagement and consideration stages of marketing.  Through this process, we create substantial content and credibility for your business over time, while also building a growing community of loyal subscribers to your business page.  


For quick results, we also gradually introduce paid Campaigns on Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn and Instagram to name a few. We pride ourselves for the ability to implement the right combination of both long-term organic growth and short term quick wins in the form of Ad Campaigns for every small business based on their time and budget constraints.



Digital and Social Media Services for Small Businesses​

On & Off-page SEO

We do what it takes to Optimise your website for Search Engines. This means, using the right tools, we understand and implement the right keywords and back links on your website to ensure your website organically ranks higher on search engines.


Social Media Communication

Social Media is fast becoming the preferred channel for people to find new customers. We’re here to consistently set up your Social Media channels (like LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) in line with your brand guide so that your can engage with your potential customers more meaningfully.


Paid Campaigns

Ranking on search engines involves time, patience and effort. Setting up the right keywords and campaign parameters on Google and Social Media can be a complex task. We have the experience to set this up for success and make this an instantly rewarding exercise for small businesses. We work with you to work within your spend - yielding short term gains by making every ££ work hard for you. From short, text based ads to display ads with crisp animations or videos, targeted specifically at your audience demographics, geography and time of the day, we can do it all for you.


Google My Business

Research has shown that customers are 70% more likely to visit a business that has a Google listing. As part of the endeavour to make your small business more visible, we set up, optimise and manage your Google My business account. Google is the biggest referrer of prospects and having this account not only shows where you’re located, it also improves your SEO and ranking. We help you exploit Google My Business features to the fullest.

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