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A bit about us, we are a one stop-shop for all businesses, offering a complete spectrum of services that can be tailored to any business – small, medium or large. We strive to help our customers thrive, enabling them to achieve resilience, sustained growth and profitability in a fiercely competitive landscape. Our services range from:

The X-factor about us is that we offer all the above services in a cohesive manner. You will immensely benefit from a balanced, seamless strategy that effectively deploys the right service-mix that is essential for your success. You also get consistency in quality and price without having to go to multiple vendors to get the above services. Atula means ‘unmatched’ in Sanskrit (one of the worlds’ most refined and ancient language), and that is how we want you to feel about our engagement with your business.

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Our Mission

We are passionate and committed to making all our Small Business Customers more resilient, sustainable and profitable, through innovative yet affordable portfolio of solutions and services.

Why Us?

Customer focus


Innovative Approach

Assured Outcomes

Full Service Portfolio

Rapid Turnaround

Best Value For Money

Talented team

Leadership Team

Soumya Dinesh

Chief Operating Officer

Dinesh Ramanan

Chief Executive Officer

Sathees Sarma

Head of Finance

One year at Atula...

Atula gives me a blank canvas to experiment my creative ideas in a safe environment, helping me draw a balance between quality and timelines. I particularly enjoy the culture of nurturing fun with creativity, which makes work days enjoyable. I am also inspired by the dynamic, experienced yet humble leadership team who care for our well being and success at all times.

Sohan Singh Panwar
Lead UI/UX Designer

I’ve gained so many skills in my professional career within just one year of working at Atula, that I didn’t get in the past 10 years. Not just in software development, but also in terms of my self-confidence, soft-skills and customer-empathy, all of which are so essential ingredients for professional and personal development.

Purnima Kashyap
Senior Software Developer

Some of our Recent Customers and what they feel about Atula

“Our Design and Tech partner of choice”

KrinvestCare Group

“ We don’t have to look elsewhere ”

Koala Interiors Ltd.
Luxury Furniture

“ Brilliant at everything they do ”

Shivayaa Ltd
Retail Stores

“The best choice for any small business”

Pooch Construction
Design and Building

"The right partner for any start-up business”

Accounts | Audit | Tax

“Clearly, experts in mobile and web app development”

DRS Delivers
Distribution and Logistics