10 Signs your website needs a complete revamp
10 Signs your website needs a complete revamp

10 Signs your website needs a complete revamp


With over 400 million active websites and over 4.66 billion internet users to cater to, attracting and more importantly, holding the attention of internet users with your business website can be challenging.

Additionally, how often do you check your website’s analytics? Once a month? Once a week? That’s not enough. You must check your analytical report every day and optimise your website accordingly if you want your business to grow.

Less traffic and higher bounce rates indicate a poor user experience. The best way to test if your website is user-friendly is to put yourself in the shoes of the viewer.


If it is not user friendly, you may need to get your website’s design as well as the contents updated. The general workings and layout of your website might also need some improvements to help your business website reach its full potential.

Here’s our list of the top signs that you need to revamp your website immediately.

Sign #1 No Engaging Content with No SEO

The importance of good quality, highly engaging content can’t be stressed enough. The primary goal of your website (business or otherwise) should be to deliver prime content to the reader. Here, “content” refers to the information related to your product or service details, the about page, and the images and videos on your website. Engaging content is content that hooks your audience and compels them to explore your offerings. It must address the questions that users are likely to have about your business. Creating good quality content for users is hard. However, understanding your target audience and tailoring your content to suit their personality will help your business website reach your goals. In extreme cases, a complete website revamp may be necessary. Once again, professional help will get you optimal results. Here at Atula, we have experts who know the best way to make your content hit the mark. Just leave it to us while you focus on the business side of things.
Sign #1 No Engaging Content with No SEO

Poor SEO

Having engaging content is just the starting point. Without great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to back it up, your website’s ROI will be suboptimal. Basically SEO will ensure that your audience actually finds your website using Google search and then reads your awesome content.

No blogs or Irregular Content Updates

Having a regularly updated blog or content section is the third pillar of the content strategy. Great SEO gets the audience to your website, but updated content that is engaging will keep them there. There is nothing more frustrating to a buyer than to visit a website only to find outdated content!

Sign #2 Limited Social Media Integration

In 2021, your business’s social media presence matters more than you can imagine. 91% of your social media followers are likely to visit your business’ website, 89% will convert and 85% will recommend your brand to their friends and family.


Social media is the second major source of website traffic after search engines. Not to mention, linking your social media accounts to your website boosts Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ranking Being active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will not only divert more traffic to your website but also increase conversion rates.


Ensuring that your business website is properly integrated with your social media accounts helps improve your SEO as well as gain more traffic. Basically proper integration acts like a giant feedback loop that generates 2-way traffic between your website and your social media accounts.

At Atula, we excel in optimising your website to extract the maximum value from your social media accounts.

Sign #3 Lack of Mobile-Responsive Pages

This is one of the most common signs of a faulty website. According to the latest study by Broadbandsearch.net, 53% of users are mobile users while only 47% are desktop users. However, the challenge with mobile phone optimisation is that there are over 70 different mobile screen sizes out there! Your potential customer could be viewing your website on any one of these sizes.


Mobile is especially challenging because of the extremely limited screen real estate which means that special attention needs to be paid to the flow and structure of your website to ensure a good mobile experience.


But that’s not all. Your business website should be responsive enough to fit all devices out there. If it isn’t, your prospect will move to your competitor’s website. This will increase your bounce rates. To avoid high bounce rates, get your business website revamped and increase its responsiveness.


Tip: You can test out your website using Mobile-Friendly Test from Google Search Console.

Sign #3 Lack of Mobile-Responsive Pages

You want to get this done well and done right. The expert developers at Atula are masters at technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap which will help achieve a great mobile user experience and will get your website up and running on all devices in no time!

Sign #4 Ignoring Hygiene Factor Elements

Website technology has so many aspects that cannot be ignored. Getting these hygiene factor elements right is just par for the course, but getting them wrong will adversely impact your website. These hygiene factor elements are mostly under the hood stuff that no user will ever see.

SEO related hygiene factor elements

Meta-tags, meta-descriptions, sitemaps, incorrect permalinks, and a low volume of cross-reference links to external authority sites as well as internal pages are just a tiny handful from the ocean of elements that need to be taken care of to ensure that your website is geared to take full advantage of mistress Google’s whimsical demands.


Bad or broken links, no fav-icon, no backlink strategy, poor website authority rating strategy – we could go on and on, but you get the picture!


It is sensible to farm out this aspect of website development to those who know what they are doing and what they need to do for your website!

Sign #5 Poor Website Loading Speed

Sign #5 Poor Website Loading Speed

Is your website slow? Unless your audience is all the sloth bears in the world, that will reduce your website’s ‘wow’ factor big-time!

Research shows that most internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or else they abandon it. This results in huge losses to businesses.

For instance, if your e-commerce website makes £100,000 a day, even a 1-second delay in loading can potentially cost you £2.5 million in lost sales a year!

Probable causes for your slow business website are poor server location and performance, too many HTTP requests, poorly optimised images and videos, and large JavaScript files.

Caching techniques like using an advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) help in reducing the loading speeds of your business website by a huge margin.

The alpha geeks at Atula are well equipped with knowledge and technology to transform your website into a completely new Avatar.

Sign #6 Poor Design, Images, Icons & Graphics

We humans are designed to respond to elegance and beauty. This is literally baked into our DNA, so it should come as no surprise that the first impression that a website makes on a user is a lasting impression.


Website design is the #1 factor while judging a business’ credibility according to 48% of online users! Website design has a direct effect on user experience. A poor visual design with low quality images, iconography, and graphic elements is an absolute no-no for anyone looking to exploit the full value of the internet!


Additionally, bad graphics on your business website are like bad vinyl on your BMW. If your website has poor animated images, cringe-worthy gifs, and outdated graphics from yesteryear, it is important to get them updated ASAP so that users don’t believe that your website is stuck in 2012!


Your business website can’t get away with free graphics downloaded from the internet. It needs excellent graphics tailored to your brand’s personality.

Sign #6 Poor Design, Images, Icons & Graphics
But using DIY graphic software to create so-so graphics is an inadequate path to owning a world-class website. Your brand’s website is the face of your business and, more importantly, of you. Your business website deserves a top-notch team of graphic designers. A website revamp that improves the website design and user experience can make your business website stand out and attract tons of attention and enquiries. At Atula, we have web designers who can give your website a face-lift with best-in-class graphics and animations.
Sign #7 Outdated Tech

Sign #7 Outdated Tech

In the world of self-driving cars and Mars Rovers, you as a business owner can’t afford to run your business website on outdated technology. Did you know that 1 out of every 5 customers will buy from a chat box?


All the e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, ASOS, and Rakuten are investing heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their websites and apps. Utilising AI-based technologies in your business’ website elevates user experience and helps in targeted marketing campaigns.


The difference between a good website and a great one is the features each one has to offer to ease and improve the user experience. A great website offers user-friendly functions like a “speech-text” search bar, AIenabled chat boxes, “one-click” buy, auto registration, and much more.


Nowadays, personalisation features on your website like personalised product recommendations based on user’s interests go a long way in conversion. 34% of users are more likely to make an unplanned purchase if they see a personalised recommendation on a website.


Make your website work for you by staying ahead of the curve in this evolving world of technology with Atula’s help. Focus on the core aspects of your business while we at Atula use our expertise to optimise your website with the latest tools from AI to “speech to text” technology.

Sign #8 No Details on About Us and Contact Us Pages

Potential customers are human and they need to know who you are if they are to part with their hard earned money. If you review the number of times you visited a website and then moved away simply because there was no human element anywhere, then you know exactly what prospective customers feel.


Having details like your origin story, maybe a little background about your founders, as well as information about the team goes a long way towards establishing a rapport with your prospects.

If you want customers to believe in you, it is prudent to go the extra mile to present a human face on the About Us page and also to give them as many ways to contact you as possible.

Sign #8 No Details on About Us and Contact Us Pages

Sign #9 Poor User-Centric Experience

You might have the best products or services listed on your business website but if the user experience (UX) is poor, then wave goodbye to high conversion rates.


The user experience on your business website deserves more attention than it currently receives. Frequent crashes, site maintenance and ad pop-ups damage your business website’s reputation and harm your business.


Moreover, user experience is not limited to the graphics and features of your website. The home page layout and content, company and product or service information, loading speeds, checkout process, the layout of the website, and even the choice of colours on your website can significantly impact your prospect’s experience.

Sign #9 Poor User-Centric Experience

Sign #10 Your Website is Just Too Old

Only 55% of the companies conduct UX testing before going online with their website. This results in more technical glitches and a poor user experience.


The website developers at Atula use over 20 tools to test and improve the UX of your website. Get your business website’s UX tested now at Atula for free!

Sign #10 Your Website is Just Too Old


A good business website is just as important as good quality products and services. It is responsible for your business’ first impression. The bar for the quality of business websites has been elevated to an all-new high in 2021.

That is why you must maintain, continuously improve and fine-tune your business website. If you notice any of the issues mentioned in this article, get a website revamp at the earliest.

You may be thinking, “I can get this done myself…I don’t need help” but consider this: trying to fix your website issues on your own will take time and effort away from your business.

You can’t be expected to have expertise in everything, and you could end up wasting precious time and money playing around with DIY website builders and online freebies. Getting professional help is highly recommended.

At Atula, we understand your needs and have experts in web development, AI, graphic designing, UX/UI, SEO, Content, Blogs, and Video. We are available to assist you with everything related to your business website from loading speeds to harnessing the latest technologies to upgrade the quality of your website.


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